Getting Your Video and Audio Production Done Right

cd-duplicationIf you or your company is in need of a professional video, whether for sales purposes, training your employees or any other educational or informative reason, there are a variety of services that are available for businesses and individuals alike. You may also need help duplicating your video for sales purposes, or you might need help placing your existing video onto your website. Professionals can provide production expertise for the area where you need help.

1. “But I don’t know how to put together a Video”

Not sure how to turn your story into a video? Not a problem. EdiTran, a Milwaukee based video production company, is seasoned with over 30 years of experience in doing just this. Our professionals will meet with you to help formulate your ideas from thought to reality. We specialize in storyboarding, outlining and scriptwriting to help assemble and organize your ideas.

2. Video Production

Once your ideas are turned into a written script, our production staff can be assembled to scale to fit any sized production. We work with all of the latest technology and lighting techniques to make sure that your video stands out from all the rest.

3. Post Production

During Post Production is where your ideas begin to take shape and the “magic” happens. From adding animation, to recording voice over talent to adding a powerful music bed, EdiTran specializes in all these areas to make sure that your video is enhanced to its fullest potential.

Once the video editing is complete, your video can be finalized to play/display on your website or any other web page that you desire or DVDs for retail or sales distribution.

4. How To Best Distribute Your Video When It Is Completed

These days your completed video project can be distributed in so many different ways. Knowing which one is best for you or your company can be a hard choice. From all the different web pages to play your video on, to DVD retail ready discs and packaging to thumb drive distribution. We can accommodate any of your custom needs, whichever you see fit.

5. Graphic Design and Packing Options

You might be asking yourself, “How do I create artwork for my disc and my packaging has got to look professional too?” Our team of graphic designers is geared toward creating custom artwork for your disc label as well as your packing. We can provide full sized discs, mini disc options in shapes and sizes to Gold Archival discs. We help you select the proper way to package and distribute your discs and we can even help with custom ISDN barcodes.

6. Choosing the right Production Company

The process of creating a promotional video for your company can seem to be an overwhelming task. Although there are many companies to choose from in the Milwaukee area, make sure that when you decide to begin that process that you select a company that is an industry leader, a company that has over a 30 year proven track record with the Better Business Bureau as well as a 30 year proven track record with the consumers and businesses of Southeastern Wisconsin. Choose a company like EdiTran Multimedia Services located in Brookfield, Wisconsin who has been serving the Milwaukee area for all of those years.

There is no cost for our team to meet with you, discuss your vision and needs or create a hassle free quote. Call us anytime at 262-781-0162, or contact our Production Manager Joel Miller at

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