Preserve Your Video Memories Today with EdiTran’s Pre-Holiday Sale

The seasons are changing, leaves are falling and soon little snowflakes will fill our streets and yards. It’s hard to believe that another season of giving is right around the corner. Almost 2 months until the Christmas Holidays and the season of giving. This year, give the gift of memories, laughter and love. How do… Read More »

Make a Change

The holiday season marks a time for celebration, family get together(s), parties, presents, resolutions and change. Many of my lasting childhood memories have been created over the holiday season. And at my household and many others across the country it is a time to look back, to laugh, to cry and to remember those memories…. Read More »

Is it Worth Trying to Save Old Home Movies?

Film stock up until the 1950s contained volatile nitrates. It became quite flammable as it degraded. The next generation of film stock was aptly called “safety film” because it was not as flammable. However, some very old nitrate films are still in good condition because of being preserved in controlled environments at cool temperatures. The… Read More »

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Using Animation in Business Videos

Animation can be used to present a visual representation of things that do not exist in reality, are not built yet, or cannot be adequately shown by using real examples. Modern animation created in computers rather than being hand drawn is great for business applications of this media type. It can be used in creating… Read More »

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