CD & DVD Duplication / Replication

dvd-duplication-1EdiTran provides quick, reliable CD/DVD duplication and many other media duplication needs as well as CD/DVD replication services that you can rely on for delivering your professional video or multimedia presentations. We offer a variety of disc sizes and printing options on blank media as well as custom printed packaging inserts. Simply send us your artwork and we will print your discs and packaging inserts. If you need artwork created, EdiTran’s talented and creative graphic artists can create it for you. We can also produce custom packaging and provide bar-codes to get your product ready for the store shelves. For quantities of 1 to 1,000 CD’s/DVD’s we can duplicate your discs quickly and professionally. For quantities of 1,000 or more we recommend our replication services. Replicated discs are very cost effective to produce in high volumes.

Other media that EdiTran can duplicate are USB (“thumb”; “flash”) drives, Beta SP, VHS, VHS PAL, DVD PAL, DV Cam, and audio cassettes. Whatever duplication desire you have, EdiTran is a full service duplication company that is ready to serve your every need.


  Amory (DVD/CD) case template
  CD/DVD label template (23mm hub)
  Jewel Case insert template (front and tray)
  Jewel case insert (front only) template (bleed room)
  Jewel case insert (front only) template (no bleed room)