8mm / 16mm Film Home Movies

EdiTran is the Most Trusted 8mm, 16mm and Film Home Movie transferring specialist in Wisconsin and Milwaukee. You can rest assured that your film will never leave our facility until you pick it up. Our staff will take great care in transferring your 8mm, super 8mm or 16mm film to DVD. We can also convert Super 8 sound and 16mm sound. We have been transferring film for over twenty-five years and we know how to get the best quality out of your film. Unlike digital media, film does tend to lose its luster as it ages so don’t wait to get those precious memories transferred. EdiTran can also transfer your film to editable files such as AVI or QuickTime so along with a computer and editing software you can edit your home movies on your own. We are also a video production company with editing capabilities and we can edit your movies for you if you would like. This is in fact how EdiTran got its name…by editing and transferring film.

The process is simple. If you have several reels and would like them in a specific order we ask that you number the reels accordingly. If you don’t have a projector to view the reels and you don’t know what is on them, call us to arrange for use of a projector. If you want to add titles make notes as to where you want them. We can also add background music per your request. Let EdiTran preserve the memories of your loved ones today.

We suggest you store the master and always order a copy to use for playback. DVD’s are susceptible to sun/heat damage and/or scratches. We also suggest that you consider having your film mastered onto a GOLD standard DVD which is rated at a life span of 300 years. Other standard DVD’s have a life span of only 15 years.


Film Sizes

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