Video Compression

Video compression refers to reducing the quantity of data used to represent digital video images. Video compression is a trade-off between disk space, video quality and the cost of hardware/software required to compress and then decompress the video in a reasonable amount of time. The amount of compression depends on how your video will be distributed. You can have it streamed from a dedicated server or you can “fake” stream it by writing code to have the video start playing once a specified amount of the data has been downloaded to the user’s computer. The latter will require a smaller file size therefore require more compression. Today there are a number of software programs for video compression that are low in price or even free. However like most things, you get what you pay for. EdiTran has been compressing video for the web and other applications for years and has software and hardware that can deliver the best quality with the smallest of file sizes.

From computers to personal viewing devices, video can be viewed virtually anywhere and at anytime. Along with the latest software and hardware, our technicians have the expertise and knowledge of knowing the best ways of compressing your videos while keeping the quality at its best. Our Production team can create a video for you or we can compress your existing video. Either way, adding a video to your website is standard in today’s society. Let EdiTran’s specialists in Milwaukee help you get your video on the world wide web today.