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You walk into a conference room and sip your coffee while you wait to see a presentation. The presenter comes in, cues up the projector, and begins a slide show. It’s a common scenario, and the success of the pitch will entirely depend on the strength of that slide show.

It is easy to watch a slide show and say, “That was a great presentation” or “That was horrible.” What is a bit more difficult is determining exactly what components go into the good presentation versus the bad. As a leading company in Milwaukee video production, EdiTran can give you insight into how to create a successful slide show.

Complementary, Not Identical

Take the following idea to heart immediately: visual content should be complementary, not identical, to what you are saying. People can read (or watch) much faster than you can speak. If you are reading off of your slides, or narrating exactly what is appearing, people will become bored and tune out very quickly. No matter the quality of information you are providing, the takeaway from a boring presentation will be negative.

Multimedia Sells Your Point

What is more striking: a template slide with you talking listlessly, or a presentation filled with color-filled images and video? The answer is obvious. Always include at least one image per slide, and at least one video per presentation. This is a sure way of getting your audience to pay attention.

Use Professional Video and Images

It is not enough to simply use images and video: they must look and feel professional. The quality of your company or business is reflected in the quality of your presentation, including its parts. If you use images or video that you shot using bad lighting and your personal phone, the viewers will be able to tell. If you use video and images in your presentations created by a professional multimedia company such as EdiTran, you will leave a lasting, professional impression.

Tie it All Together

Finally, make sure that your entire presentation, including your professional multimedia, reflects the message you are attempting to convey. To communicate your ideas, combine your images and video together with your own strongly delivered spoken material. Added together, you will have a unique presentation that leaves the audience amazed.

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