How to Prepare Analog Film and Audio for Transfer to Digital Media

People have been creating home movies and collecting records and tapes for years. EdiTran has been converting these older formats to newer media for nearly twenty-five years. Many people now want to preserve memories stored on old film reels, video home system (VHS) tapes and even records or audio tapes. We can transfer these memories to digital media that will last for a lifetime. Anyone in Milwaukee who is thinking of using our services will want to take a few steps to prepare the original media for the conversion.

The first step is to start with clean original media. Our technicians will take care of your materials, to make sure that a good copy will result. Dust on the outside that is only touching the outer cartridge of a tape should be wiped away first. If you are not sure what you are doing, we have the experience to do a proper cleaning. Film and records are best cleaned slowly with a can of compressed air. Attempting to wipe away the dust on the film with a cloth can cause noticeable scratches in the surface that will appear after the conversion. Again, our technicians can do this for you. Before sending them to us, your media should be placed in a sealed container or acid-free bag.

It is usually best to gather as much source media as possible. We can convert multiple films or records into similar files. We can even stitch together different reels of film to create a seamless single digital movie. It will be more difficult to attempt to combine separate files later than it will be to convert everything at once. This means it is better to prepare multiple reels of home movies than to choose just one small individual reel.

EdiTran can perform a wide range of post-production and editing work on your home movies, tapes or old records. We can add titles to different video conversions, digital metadata to audio files or special effects like transitional fades between scenes. We can even combine separate audio and video files to create a single unified production.

Digital video and audio files do not degrade over time and will last forever. Digital video and audio media can degrade, so ask for archival quality media, which will last a long time. Digital files can even be transferred to different media or uploaded online. We suggest using our Milwaukee CD duplication service or our Milwaukee DVD duplication service to order multiple copies of the final digital video or audio. This will guarantee that there are backups of the files available in case the original disc is destroyed or damaged. Additionally, our professional duplication service eliminates the chance for errors or other issues that can occur at home.

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