Capturing Your Family Tree with Video

family picture from early 1900s

EdiTran can preserve your family videos

Genealogical resources can be scant when it comes to older generations, but modern genealogists, casual and professional alike, are taking a more proactive role in pre­serving family history. Traditionally, enthusiasts were fortunate to possess a mere shoebox of photographs, but future tree tracers will have access to video that lets them to see their ancestors as actual people within the context of the world as it was at that time.

The modern family gathers a tremendous amount of video, and in order to make that video archive practical and usable for future generations, it’s necessary to pare down. Consider what a video editor does for a sports program when he or she scales an entire game down to just the most crucial highlights. Selecting video and editing requires making some difficult choices and creative techniques, which is why many archivists use professional video services to make those decisions effectively and objectively.

Our Milwaukee video production services can help genealogists choose the right video slices and then edit them together in a way that tells an actual story. A real sense of story is important for a couple of reasons. If you’ve ever sat through an unedited family movie, then you know how important it is to engage the audience. Additionally, video without context only provides your future family with a snapshot, while video with context paints a picture and delivers understanding.

Another important consideration is how searchable the video is. Currently, video search is still in its infancy, but the technology is evolving rapidly. Soon, genealogists will be able to explore video quickly and easily based on key phrases, image matching and other advanced techniques. In the meantime, you can make you family videos far more usable with indexing features, including timelines, thumbnails, chapters, markers, clickable elements and so forth. Such features are possible using video editing software, some that are available as freeware, but a professional service can achieve those same items affordably and with high production values.

Lastly, the amateur genealogist must determine how to preserve the video for distribution purposes and for the long term. Using EdiTran’s Milwaukee video production services can provide you with a series of benefits. For instance, optimized videos take up less space in the cloud and thus make it more practical and cost-efficient to store videos in redundant fashion. In addition, DVD is still the most popular media for distribution of family videos, and we’re able to duplicate and replicate your DVDs quickly and inexpensively.

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