Using Graphic Design to Promote Brand Recognition of Multimedia Presentations

Harley-Davidson Demo DVD LabelThose who knew Apple founder Steve Jobs remarks about how he was intimately involved in the details of products that his company released. It has been noted how he would obsess over tweaking even the graphical icons that were going to be used in products due to be released. This attention to detail has certainly proven to be profitable for the huge company. However, smaller firms and individuals seeking to produce multimedia presentation videos often fall short when it comes to graphic design. EdiTran, a premium Milwaukee video production company, has graphic design experts on staff capable of taking any multimedia project to the next level.

Graphic Design in Multimedia Product Branding

Visual brand familiarity is used with both services and tangible retail products. Logos, colors, fonts, and other elements kept consistent in developing and marketing multimedia productions help establish brand recognition. Brand familiarity is a driving force in retail consumer sales. A quote from a study on brand awareness reads, “Subjects choosing from a set of brands with marked awareness differentials showed an overwhelming preference for the high awareness brand, despite quality and price differentials.” In other words, buyers stick with what they recognize as a brand even if it costs them more.

Planning Graphics before Distribution

Post production packaging and marketing graphical design is as important as the production values of a DVD video presentation used for retail or service sales promotions. Typical DVD productions may showcase services or product catalogs of items offered by companies. Everyone from artists to wedding decorators may promote their businesses using video showcases of prior event highlights. Jewelers may show how custom jewelry is designed and crafted. High-end retail products can be showcased using multimedia marketing DVDs. Graphic design for the packaging and marketing materials of promotional DVDs should be as professional as the productions themselves and planned in advance of distribution.

Maintaining Consistency in Graphic Design

When building a brand, consistent graphic design elements go a long way toward brand recognition. The color schemes of backgrounds and text, textural elements, font types and logos should look the same on production DVDs, marketing websites, and on printed marketing materials, packaging and shipping envelopes. Whether the items are seen on the Internet, in a brochures, catalogs or television commercials, the graphical design elements should be designed toward the purpose of familiarity and instant recognition by consumers.

When developing and producing multimedia presentations, we welcome you to consider the expertise of the Milwaukee video production and graphic design team at EdiTran. We offer video conversions, duplication and replication, custom animation, film to digital video transfer, and photo and slide transition to digital video as well as graphic and website design and interactive media (DVD menu) design for professional quality multimedia presentations.

Contact EdiTran at 262-781-0162 today for details on how we can assist you in your Multimedia presentation.

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