Make a Change

home-moviesThe holiday season marks a time for celebration, family get together(s), parties, presents, resolutions and change. Many of my lasting childhood memories have been created over the holiday season. And at my household and many others across the country it is a time to look back, to laugh, to cry and to remember those memories. Many people pull out the old scrapbooks, fire up the old film projectors or dust off the old VHS players hoping to get a glimpse of those memories and hoping that old technology still works. And this year, phew, they still worked. Our family was still able to enjoy those wonderful memories.

But what about next year, what happens when life happens and the memories that are stored on those old formats begin to fade and break or the VHS player eats your tape and damages those memories? Many people don’t realize that at next year’s family get together that the old film projector or VHS player might be broken or the tapes themselves could be broken. So now comes the question, what can I do with that old stuff, how do I preserve those memories in the most cost effective manner and in a safe trust worthy local establishment?

And the answer is simple… EdiTran Multimedia Services; a local video production company located in Brookfield, WI, EdiTran has been serving the Milwaukee are for almost 30 years and is here to help you preserve those memories for future generations to come. We offer many options, our pricing structure is simple and all work is done in house and guaranteed to last for many years. EdiTran can transfer your memories to Digital DVD or files that can be stored on your MAC or PC. We can even convert old audio recordings from cassette, vinyl records or reel to reel audio to CDs or MP3 files for your digital device. Wherever those memories exist and whatever old format they exist on, our professionals will help offer you the best new media format that fits yours and your family’s lifestyle.

We offer free quotes and our staff is here to answer any questions that you may have. We understand that every circumstance is different and that is why we pride ourselves on being hassle and pressure free. Please check out our website at to view more information on our services, our pricing and most importantly our staff. You can always email us at or call us M-F, 9am-5pm at 262-781-0162 for any other questions that you may have.

To thank you for reading our blog, make sure to mention our “Make a Change” blog post to receive a free CD or DVD copy with your next order.

We hope to be helping you preserve those memories soon!

Happy Holidays from The EdiTran Team.

Written by editran