Old Home Movies Make Great Christmas Gifts

image of wrapped christmas giftGive a holiday gift that is sure to last a lifetime. This is possible by turning old movies into great Christmas gifts. Turning old video tapes or converting your 8mm film into long-lasting DVD videos and other digital formats is a way for you to pass down memories regardless of your age or generation.

Benefits of Giving Old Movies for Christmas Gifts Today

Using a professional service such as EdiTran is a great way for you to keep your memories preserved with ease. With more than a twenty-five year track record serving the Milwaukee area, EdiTran has been producing, editing and transferring videos for happy consumers and businesses all that time. EdiTran is a company you can trust to ensure that you get the best quality and overall viewing ability with any homemade videos you want to have transferred into a digital format.

Benefits of Working with Professionals

You’ll have peace of mind when you choose to work with professionals who specialize in preserving these videos tapes every day. Big box stores may offer the same services, but don’t risk sending your precious memories off to some far off land to have transferred. Instead, choose a local and reputable company like EdiTran. Nothing is ever sent out and everything is always done in house and completed and returned back to you within 1-2 business days.

When you choose to work with a Milwaukee video production company like EdiTran, you have the ability to create any type of customized Holiday gift with the addition of titles, music, custom graphics or you can even record a voice over narration track to go along with your old film. They offer high-quality products and work with you to keep things within your budget. Ask to see various samples of past projects to see the type of work that they have done in the past.

Working alongside professionals who have experience in transferring your video tapes or 8mm film into digital material is a way to put your mind at ease while ensuring you are getting the final product you desire. Mention this blog post and receive a free DVD copy with your transfer. Call EdiTran at 262-781-0162 to see how we can help you share your memories!

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