Turn Those Old Slides, Print and Digital Photos Into a Video Masterpiece

home-moviesThough digital photography has been around for some time, most homes have photo albums and shoeboxes filled with print photos that are rarely seen. Some families have old pictures or slides of vacations from yesteryear. In this video age, those old still images can be transformed into videos, bringing old memories to life. These videos can then be shared online or through DVDs with friends and relatives. Video masterpieces of old photos and slides are perfect for special events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and retirement celebrations. They are also appropriate to memorialize lives of loved ones who have passed away.

The Transfer Process

Customers decide the order in which images appear in the video. Your slides or photos are then converted to a digital file. Those digitized images are then turned into motion sequences using professional transitions, titles and graphics. Those who have seen television productions dramatizing historical events using archived photographs are familiar with how still images are transformed into compelling videos.

Adding a little touch of zooming and panning adds motion to your static picture and helps bring it to life. The addition of titles, graphics and transitions such as dissolves and fades adds drama and interest. Appropriate background music enhances the visual experience. Videos are then rendered in formats that play on DVD players and computers and are also shareable through social media.

Picking a Video Theme

Themes vary with why videos are being made. Families may decide to gather up old pictures of Mom and Dad on their wedding day or to show each child growing up through pictures. Retirement themes likely show photos of retirees when they were on the job, receiving promotions and other images marking milestones in their career. Wedding videos likely include pictures of brides and grooms as children, teens and adults as well as photos of them together as a couple. Memorial videos played at funerals cover the lives of the deceased from different periods in their lives, including favorite pictures taken with relatives, friends and pets. The possibilities are endless, but it is up to customers what images get included in the video-making process.

EdiTran Multimedia Services, a Milwaukee video production company, has the professional equipment and expertise needed to create Picture Memory Videos of customer prints and slides. Hodgepodge collections of photographs, instant prints and slides stored in boxes and photo albums can be turned into videos that tell stories. Photos taken over the years can show a family member growing from a child into an adult. Family generations can be immortalized on video for posterity. A little creativity in the choice of images to be used creates family treasures everyone can enjoy.

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