Using Animation in Business Videos

screenshot from our YouTube videoAnimation can be used to present a visual representation of things that do not exist in reality, are not built yet, or cannot be adequately shown by using real examples. Modern animation created in computers rather than being hand drawn is great for business applications of this media type. It can be used in creating visuals to bring meaning to complex concepts to showing what a finished project will look like before construction even begins.

Typical Applications of Animation in Business

An architectural firm can use animation to sell or lease real estate before ground is broken on a project. Formerly, an artist’s drawings or renditions were used to show what a new building project would look like once it is finished. Computer-generated animation has come a long way, making it much more lifelike and realistic to viewers than drawings or models. A proposed skyscraper can now be animated to show all of its finished splendor before the foundations are dug.

Medical procedures and technology can be animated to show healthcare consumers benefits and how things work without having to resort to demonstrations using real subjects or equipment that could be counterproductive. Animated cutaways showing the internal workings of complex medical devices are easy to produce and much more cost effective than actually showing the internals of real products. Complex medical terminology and procedures are much easier to understand when high quality visuals are used to show what the words describing them mean.

Technology and Animation

Research and development departments are filled with engineers who speak a different language than those in the finance and marketing departments. When funding is desired for development of a technological idea, an animation of a design prototype can take away all of the mystery behind the math and technical jargon likely to be used as a product is being developed on paper. Animation can demonstrate what the product will look like and what it will do, and it can show examples of markets where it will be desired. It is the next best thing to actually holding a functional prototype.

Business animation can incorporate design specs to bring a product or idea to life. EdiTran’s Milwaukee Animation Department can combine live speakers with animation and a music score to create a powerful marketing tool. It can be used to market directly to consumers or be used by individuals, departments or companies looking to generate interest in a product, building or idea. Within corporations, business animation can be used to secure funding for projects being considered for further development.

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