Transferring Memories To Digital Formats

Family memories, genealogy, oral history, remembrances of things past; a lot of information and essential family events linger in the form of film and videotape. The same holds true for audio.

Essential for preserving these important visual and audio documents is to get them on some kind of digital format that promises to last for a long time. Putting them on a CD or DVD, or a newer videotape or miniDV, allows families and researchers to maintain important audio and visual links through time.

A lot of people have 8mm, Super 8, or 16mm film they want to transfer to a digital form. There are a lot of different video formats and media, and they find it difficult to find a good transfer service. Many companies simply shoot the film to a screen and re-master with tape resulting in relatively poor transfers. The question is how to preserve these treasures in the best physical shape for the future.

While some people may still want video on VHS tape for genealogies and home memories, you might want to convert to a more modern format. A better idea would be transferring the film or tape to a digitally remastered DVD that can used anywhere. Another option is to transfer the film or tape to newer miniDV digital tape. These formats can be converted to just about anything you want. EdiTran can convert audio files too.

Our staff at EdiTran will take great care in editing and transferring your audio and video. The film to digital transfer process works for people because it makes viewing more accessible while preserving the original. Many people do not even have film projectors or any way to look at their family’s archival images. However, they want good quality copies they can show any time with ease. If you don’t have a projector to view the reels and you don’t know what is on them, call us to arrange for use of a projector.

Many places take the quick and easy approach to creating copies. While they may make a usable copy, it doesn’t make the kind of copy you want for best image and sound, and for future preservation. A lot of complicated factors go into creating a good quality, playable copy. That’s why it is a good idea to go with a Milwaukee CD duplication company like EdiTran for best results, experts say.

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