The Degradation and Preservation of Video

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Videos are used to preserve all kinds of memories. Video technology has advanced to the point that it is possible to convert videos from film or VHS to DVD formats or to digital files to be stored on hard drives. If you take care of your home and professional videos, people can enjoy them in the future.

Many old videos are not made with long-lasting materials. From the beginning of film, losses have been high. Most feature films made in the early 1900s did not end up in the archives. The number of total losses is not fully known. Fortunately, there are modern ways that you can preserve old videos. First and foremost, protect videos with cases that block moisture and dirt particles. Place the videos in a safe or on a shelf in a cool, dark place. Usually, an attic or garage is not the ideal place.

There are companies that specialize in preserving the value of videos. Converting film and/or videotapes to DVDs or to digital files to be stored on hard drives are popular options nowadays. You can have your videos converted and sent back in a few days. Contact a Milwaukee video production company like EdiTran that is fast and efficient.

Show us what you need, and we can find a solution for you. Give EdiTran a call today at 262-781-0162.

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