Saving Precious Memories With Digital Conversions

Our memories are faulty. This is a fact well known to anyone who has tried to remember something from long ago only to conjure fleeting glimpses of what was once a bright and resounding picture in their mind. The hectic and fast-paced lifestyle most people have today tends to push out the older, valuable and sentimental memories in favor of schedules, shopping lists, and other tedious pieces of information that we no longer need. To combat this loss of cherished memories, many people turn to cameras and camcorders to record those precious moments. While this is certainly a step in the right direction, did you know that the memory of those devices is faulty as well? It’s true; videotapes and photos don’t last forever, so keeping these memories well protected and archived is of the utmost importance.

The average reel of 8mm tape has a shelf life of 20 years, a VHS tape may last just 10 years. This means that the video of your child’s birthday party may be fading just as they are heading off to college, and videos from further in the past may have faded already. If these memories are to be preserved, then there is very little time to waste. Digital conversion of home media allows these memories to last much longer than the technology they were recorded on allows.

Transferring home videos, pictures, slides and other old media onto more stable and time-tested technology allows you to rest easy knowing your precious memories are safe and free from the damage of time.

Digital conversion also offers a great opportunity for sorting and organizing all of the old photos and movies you have sitting around. After all, what is the point of preserving these memories if they aren’t going to be enjoyed every once in a while? By digitally converting all of the old tapes and pictures, you can easily organize them for viewing based on date, event, or any way you want! Digital conversion is an excellent way to preserve old media and add new organization features in the process!

While it is technically possible to perform digital conversion in the home, it is highly recommended that you seek out professional help for the process. Reputable digital conversion agencies, such as EdiTran, a Milwaukee video production company, can ensure that the media is converted properly. Using a professional greatly reduces the risk of damaging the old media as well. In the end, taking the time to hire a competent professional will ensure that all of those wonderful moments from your life remain intact and ready to view whenever you like.

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