Burned Discs and Blu-ray Player Compatibility

image of Blu-ray logoIt happens to everyone: That newly burned disc doesn’t work in your Blu-ray player. If it does work, it only plays halfway through or stops suddenly without warning. This problem occurs for a number of reasons but mostly because of Blu-ray compatibility issues with the burned disc.

Blu-ray technology entered the scene in the early 2000’s and has come a long way in supporting numerous file formats and discs. Blu-ray players offer support for certain encoding options and media file playback. For example, playing a burned .MKV file on a Blu-ray player may not work at all, whereas the burned disc plays fine on a PC. It all comes down to the file format and whether or not your Blu-ray player offers support for the file and the disc. Ask a reputable video production company like EdiTran in Milwaukee if you are having playback problems.

Three Reasons Your Burned Disc Doesn’t Work

1. No Support for the Disc

Most Blu-ray players support both DVDs and CDs and have the format logo somewhere on the player. Look for the format logo if you have doubts about the compatibility of your disc. Understand that a DVD is not the same thing as a DVD+RW or a DVD-R. Make sure your Blu-ray player supports the type of disc you plan to use. The brand-new Blu-Ray player that you bought may not be compatible with burned discs.

2. No Support for the Encoding

Depending on the encoding options you use, the file might not work on your Blu-ray player. You also need to burn it to 720p or 1080p and not an awkward resolution like 1280×800. In addition, if you try to burn a file with more than five reference frames, it might not play at all.

3. Burn Errors from Your Software

If you burn the disc yourself, you can get errors in your disc from using the wrong type of software. Using a software’s preset does not always yield the best results. Likewise, it can produce the disc with errors or with encoding that does not work with your Blu-ray player.

Blu-ray technology entered the scene in the early 2000s and has come a long way in supporting numerous file formats and discs. Check your player to make sure it plays the supported formats. Don’t forget to use a reputable video production company to make sure your DVD works in your Blu-ray player.

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