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Creating Effective Promotional Videos

In today’s technologically savvy world, individuals and companies alike are posting videos online to promote themselves. Some people are creating “digital resumes” by publishing videos explaining their professional experiences and skills. Several companies are even requesting video transcripts displaying a candidate’s work. It is also common for companies to post employee or customer testimonies to… Read More »

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Capturing Your Family Tree with Video

Genealogical resources can be scant when it comes to older generations, but modern genealogists, casual and professional alike, are taking a more proactive role in pre­serving family history. Traditionally, enthusiasts were fortunate to possess a mere shoebox of photographs, but future tree tracers will have access to video that lets them to see their ancestors… Read More »

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Transferring Memories To Digital Formats

Family memories, genealogy, oral history, remembrances of things past; a lot of information and essential family events linger in the form of film and videotape. The same holds true for audio. Essential for preserving these important visual and audio documents is to get them on some kind of digital format that promises to last for… Read More »

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